The Meaning Behind the Name
Paridaez stems from an ancient Persian word meaning garden or walled enclosure. It was then adopted by the Greeks to mean garden, Garden of Eden or heaven. It later came into English as “paradise.” As a play off the name, we give the Paridaez shop a garden-like feel. 
Each piece from the collection transforms into completely different articles of clothing so women don't miss out on experiences.  We apply minimalistic and utilitarian principles, while creating clean, architectural designs. We utilize very high quality, sustainable fabrics in our signature textile blend. Our garments are constructed in New England. We also hold patents for some of our innovative pieces. 
We are an experiential lifestyle brand. We care about creating pieces that enable to experience more, without feeling limited by the clothes they wear. 
We also donate to the non-profit Mina’s List, an organization empowering women to take political leadership roles globally.
The Founder
Allison Daroie is the CEO/Founder and designer of Paridaez, a multi-purpose clothing brand, where each piece transitions into completely different articles of clothing, creating looks for work, workout, night out and travel. She's a yoga instructor, multi-dimensional creative & former lawyer. She shifted her career trajectory when she made the decision to leave law to pursue yoga and fashion. She focuses on development of products and services that improve the lives of others. She was recently voted Best Clothing Designer by Boston Magazine and the Paridaez Shop won Best New Addition from Improper Bostonian. Allison also curates highly experiential lifestyle events based around wellness, fashion and beauty. 
She was inspired to create Paridaez after trying to get ready one day. She had a conservative meeting to attend, wanted to catch a yoga class and planned to meet friends for drinks later, but didn't want to lug a bunch of bags and didn't have time to run home and change. She realized the apparel market lacked versatile pieces that were fashionable and could actually function in the multiple environments the modern woman finds herself each day. She started sketching and founded Paridaez. 
"I really care about making chic and functional clothing that empowers women to take advantage of any opportunity that arises. As women, we already play many roles. It's about time our clothes do as well."
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