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"Allison Daroie, yogi, and the designer and entrepreneur behind Paridaez, a highly functional line of wear-everywhere staples. Allison and I met a couple of years ago over coffee at Tatte where she shared her vision for her brand and I was blown away by her drive and passion."


"My day was just beginning and I felt exhausted trying to get ready amidst a huge mess of failed outfit attempts. I realized life would be a lot easier and I would be less restricted if I had clothes that transformed into different articles of clothing so I could be appropriately dressed for any setting." ~Founder, Allison Daroie 


"For the woman on the go, deciding what to wear can be a debilitating challenge... there is nothing worse than sprinting between commitments with 16 thousand bags that include your laptop, a change of shoes and assorted outfit options. Throw you workout gear into the mix and you might as well give up before you start."

~Mass Musings


"Paridaez is clothing for real women; real, busy, boss-lady women who want to look and feel their best throughout the day. It’s for women who go from the barre to the boardroom to the…bar (or some other time-bending variation of the latter). Paridaez is a lifestyle."


"Are you always on-the-go trying to keep up with the hustle & bustle of city life? The girl who goes from her nine-to-five, to a work out class, to dinner & drinks with friends & finds it difficult to pick out a single outfit that will function all day? Are you sick of lugging an extra bag of clothes to work or leaving a second closet behind at the office? If so, keep reading!"


Who's the Paridaez girl?

"Eating healthy is important to her, and she likes to stay on top of new music and art. She travels. She has an active, vibrant social life. Basically, she has a lot going on, and she’s always on the move from one place to the next. So, that presents a challenge: how does she dress for her day? A new yoga-wear line might offer a solution."

Rebecca Strong of BostInno wrote a rad article about us!  


Check us out!  Our Founder and CEO quoted in Success Magazine, discussing awakening her creative side.  

"I’m inspired by classic, timeless looks, such as a “little black dress” you can wear almost anywhere."



News caster, Neda Iranpour talks Paridaez!  Work to workout with our super versatile line!