"How to dress for a day that includes a corporate meeting, a yoga class, and drinks with friends? This common conundrum is what led Allison Daroie to create her line of transformational apparel. Each piece in the collection transitions into a completely new article of clothing: One wrap dress, for instance, triples as a cardigan and a boatneck frock with a plunging neckline in the back. Sold at Daroie’s adorable shop on Beacon Hill, the minimalist styles are all made in New England in a premium blend of rayon, nylon, and Lycra, and come in a basic color palette for easy mixing and matching."

~Boston Magazine 





"The power of fashion is transformative, especially at Paridaez, where the majority of owner Allison Daroie’s pieces can be worn multiple ways. Take the Albatross design, which works as a pencil skirt, dress or tank top, or the Hummingbird, a five-in-one skirt, shawl, scarf, hood and top combo. Made in Massachusetts, the neutral and blush-toned garments are ideal for women with limited prep time—including when you’re trying to pack a carry-on for a last-minute getaway."

~The Improper Bostonian




"Boston label Paridaez, designed by Allison Daroie, reimagines the classic wrap dress for today’s career-focused, yoga-practicing, cocktail-drinking woman. Each garment, made from a blend of nylon, rayon, and Lycra, offers multiple looks for ultimate and absolute flexibility."

~The Boston Globe




"Allison Daroie, the founder of clothing line Paridaez, carved out her own slice of paradise near the Common last month with the opening of her new store. Daroie hopes that the spot will be an oasis for women looking to escape the city’s busy streets, where they’ll find multi-purpose items to carry them through their jam-packed days."

~The Improper Bostonian


"BOSTON LABEL PARIDAEZ, designed by Allison Daroie, reimagines the classic wrap dress for today’s career-focused, yoga-practicing, cocktail-drinking woman. Part of a six-piece capsule collection, The Heron can be worn as a basic wrap dress as well as a long cardigan, or backwards and cinched at the waist with a boat neck in front. Each garment, made from a blend of nylon, rayon, and Lycra, offers multiple looks for ultimate and absolute flexibility." 

~The Boston Globe



Who's the Paridaez girl?

"Eating healthy is important to her, and she likes to stay on top of new music and art. She travels. She has an active, vibrant social life. Basically, she has a lot going on, and she’s always on the move from one place to the next. So, that presents a challenge: how does she dress for her day?"




"The pieces from Paridaez can literally be transformed to shift into different articles of clothing. The goal of the line is to allow busy women to leave the house and actually transition from work, class, yoga to a night out with just one outfit!"

~The Boston Day Book




"Any clothing store on Charles Street offers exceptional quality, high-fashion pieces that are made to be timeless. Head to Ouimillie for fun colors and funky textures—like their pieces in yellow velvet, purple lace, and red leather. For stylish basics, check out Paridaez, where designer Allison Daroie has created pieces that can be converted from dresses to scarves or even worn backwards for a different look—making the most out of every clothing item. Love local designers?"

~Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro 


"Charles Street is one of Boston's best shopping areas, particularly if you're into boutique stores rather than big name brands. The fact that it's in Beacon Hill brings a Boston feel to the experience as well, as everything in this quaint neighborhood feels like it's part of history (which much of it is!). There are several clothing stores, including Ouimillie, Paridaez, Holiday and December Thieves."



"Paridaez (127 Charles Street; 00 1 617 835 5396) is a New England-made, sustainable material based clothing line."

~The Telegraph



"As someone who lives, works in, and truly loves, the city of Boston, putting together everything to see as a visitor is really hard– almost impossible– to narrow down. The number of restaurants that I would suggest alone could keep you here for a week at least. But, that just means there’s a little something for everyone on your next weekend or extended stay in this New England city. Charles Street –FollainDecember ThievesParidaez."

~Jess Ann Kirby 




"Allison Daroie, the founder and CEO of Paridaez, knows what it’s like to live a nonstop life and wanted to create clothing that could travel seamlessly with her from a workout class to a business meeting. The pieces in the Paridaez collection can be worn multiple ways, allowing for each garment to shift for various occasions. Daroie opened the first Paridaez shop in Beacon Hill in 2018 after showing her clothing at different pop-ups around the city. Paridaez garments, which are designed by Daroie, are created and produced in New England. Prior to starting her brand, Daroie worked at Karmaloop, taught yoga at studios around Boston, and is a non-practicing lawyer. We spent a morning with Allison in her Paridaez shop and tried on some of her pieces. Talk about versatile."

~The Handle Bar Cycling




"As a female, too often have I been in the situation where I have the clothes I wear to work,  clothes for a workout class afterward, and then do I wear the same clothes I wore to work for a dinner commitment with friends? Or, do I bring another change of clothes and if so, how do I carry it all? Enter Paridaez. I met with Allison Daroie, founder of Paridaez, who had this same dilemma, which was the impetus for creating the minimalistic transformative clothing line. The Paridaez line transforms into completely different articles of clothing, allowing for flexibility throughout the day. All of the designs are timeless and seasonless, so they become wardrobe staples. Allison wants women to achieve their dreams, while also balancing health and wellness, to maintain a fulfilled life. The shop in Beacon Hill is gorgeous — it’s a must see!"

~Wellness in a Nutshell



"Find out how this non-practicing lawyer created a successful fashion company from the bottom and worked her way to where she is now. Learn how to never sell yourself short and do what really makes you happy."



"Always up for a creative challenge, Daroie decided to draft her own designs. With a vision to move beyond the fitness-to-leisure concept, she sought to create innovative apparel that fully meets the needs of our robust lives."

~Not Just A Label



"Allison Daroie, yogi, and the designer and entrepreneur behind Paridaez, a highly functional line of wear-everywhere staples. Allison and I met a couple of years ago over coffee at Tatte where she shared her vision for her brand and I was blown away by her drive and passion." 

~Style Wire




"Women today live life on the go. I remember when I lived in New York City last year, I had to carry a backpack with me to change clothes right after my internship. Thankfully, Allison Daroie created Paridaez (Pah•reh•deez) to fix this problem. The Paridaez line transforms into completely different articles of gorgeous minimalist clothing that will satisfy your minimalist taste buds. It was most certainly an honor to interview Daroie and learn more about this brand."

~Detroit Fashion News



"My day was just beginning and I felt exhausted trying to get ready amidst a huge mess of failed outfit attempts. I realized life would be a lot easier and I would be less restricted if I had clothes that transformed into different articles of clothing so I could be appropriately dressed for any setting." ~Founder, Allison Daroie 





"For the woman on the go, deciding what to wear can be a debilitating challenge... there is nothing worse than sprinting between commitments with 16 thousand bags that include your laptop, a change of shoes and assorted outfit options. Throw you workout gear into the mix and you might as well give up before you start."

~Mass Musings



"Since you guys know that I’m always on the lookout for luxe essentials that strike a balance between beauty and function, I’m hella excited to show you my latest collaboration with a local Boston brand, Paridaez!"




"The line’s unique look allows women to be able to wear a product more than one way so those days of having to lug around your whole wardrobe with you are over."

~Mack in Style



"Paridaez is clothing for real women; real, busy, boss-lady women who want to look and feel their best throughout the day. It’s for women who go from the barre to the boardroom to the…bar (or some other time-bending variation of the latter). Paridaez is a lifestyle."

~the relevance report



"Are you always on-the-go trying to keep up with the hustle & bustle of city life? The girl who goes from her nine-to-five, to a work out class, to dinner & drinks with friends & finds it difficult to pick out a single outfit that will function all day? Are you sick of lugging an extra bag of clothes to work or leaving a second closet behind at the office? If so, keep reading!"




Check us out!  Our Founder and CEO quoted in Success Magazine, discussing awakening her creative side.  

"I’m inspired by classic, timeless looks, such as a “little black dress” you can wear almost anywhere."



News caster, Neda Iranpour talks Paridaez!  Work to workout with our super versatile line! 





"Allison Daroie is the founder and designer of the Boston-based minimalistic transformative apparel brand, Paridaez. She is the former Director of Corporate Partnerships at fashion eCommerce company Karmaloop.com, a yoga instructor, a fashion merchandising professor, a former lawyer, jewelry designer and dancer... a jane of many trades. While trying to balance work, play, and her active lifestyle, she realized her life would be a lot easier if she had clothing that was comfortable, elegant and could seamlessly transition between environments. Always up for a creative challenge, Daroie decided to draft her own designs. With a vision to move beyond the fitness-to-leisure concept, she sought to create innovative apparel that fully meets the needs of our robust lives from the traveler to the weekday warrior the pieces transform into looks suitable for work, workout or night out."

~General Assembly