Art in opposition to current politics

By Allison Daroie


The Safarani Sisters are two of the most talented artists Boston has to offer.  They connect with one another on a very deep level and it's demonstrated through their work.  They have skill and poise far beyond the years of 20-something-year-olds.  I had initially connected with the two over a passion for art and connection to Iran. My father is Iranian and my mother is Irish. 


I wrote to the two talented Persian twins one afternoon to see if they'd like to partake in a Paridaez event I was throwing at Liquid Art House. When I asked how they were doing they responded "not good." As a very positive pair, I assumed it was a typo. When I inquired they informed me of the impending muslim ban that was soon to be announced. They immigrated to Boston from Iran on student visas. They just graduated from art school. 

The day of the Paridaez event was also the day of the protest against the ban. They came to the event painted a beautiful portrait and awed the crowd. They then wrote across it with strong red letters "WE ARE IRANIAN IMMIGRANT ARTIST WOMEN BUT NOT TERRORISTS." The Sisters marched to the protest with their painting in hand. 

Follow these sister and their journey here.