Carolina Curtin

Interviewed by Allison Daroie
Carolina Curtin
Beauty, talent and charisma certainly describe Carolina Curtin, one of the most hardworking ladies in the Boston culinary scene. She’s worked in the kitchens of Menton, Toro and Journeyman, just to name a few. Carolina is petite in stature, but has a large presence in the kitchen and beyond. She’s covered with tattoos and has exceptional style. She walks a fine line between being sweet as pie and sassy as hell. Watchout! Carolina is also my closest friend. We’ve actually been best friends since we were 5. I’m so lucky to have her… especially when I’m hungry! Please enjoy…


AD: Please explain who you are and what you do.
CC: My name is Carolina, I’m currently a chef in the city of Boston. I’ve been very lucky to work at amazing places like Menton, Sycamore, Liquid Art House, Toro, Journeyman and was recently on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.    


AD: Where are you from originally? 
CC: Originally I’m from Boston, Lived in Maui, Hawaii for 9 years and have been back in Boston for 3 ½ years. 


AD: Where did your motivation to pursue your passion originate? What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are today?
CC: Honestly, a big part of my motivation came from growing up with a hard working single Mom, always eating take out and wanted a home cooked meal. I have always loved cooking and excelled at it, I am a very hands on visual learner. So it seemed to come naturally to me.
One of the biggest obstacles in the food industry is the long hours, hard work and dedication. It’s a hard lifestyle to get used to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


AD: What is a typical day like for you? 
CC: A typical day for me consists of waking up, making yerba mate, getting ready on the fly and preparing myself for a long day in the kitchen. When in the kitchen it’s preparing my self for a perfectly executed service, while hopefully having fun all at the same time.


AD: What was your largest life lesson?
CC: Work hard and stay focused and the hard work will pay off.


AD: What’s your typical fitness routine?
CC: I’d like to say running, yoga, biking, going to the gym, but the truth is in my career, I don’t have much time ( I know, not an excuse) So, mostly I get my exercise running around in the kitchen all day, pushing to stay ahead of myself and all of my cooks.


AD: What are your daily beauty rituals?
CC: It’s pretty simple. I wash my face, moisturize, throw on a little bronzer and mascara, hair up in a bun and I’m out! Oh and burts bee’s lip balm, can’t forget that!


AD: What's a go to place in your area? 
CC: I don’t go out much, cause I’m often working, but if I had to pick a couple I’d say Toro and Coppa.


AD: What’s the top song on your playlist right now?
CC: Joe Bada$$ - My Yout ( feat. Maverick sabre)


AD: Who inspires you more than anyone else in this world? 
CC: My momma – She’s my best friend, mentor and the hardest working woman I know. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and support.


AD: How do versatile pieces make your life easier? 
CC: Takes up less room in my closet! ;)


AD: Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to leave with us?  
CC: Just put one foot in front of the other. 

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