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About Us

The Meaning Behind the Name

Paridaez stems from an ancient Persian word meaning a garden, later adopted by the Greeks as the Garden of Eden or heaven and then adapted into English as “paradise.”


The Paridaez line transforms into completely different articles of clothing so you can do what you want, when you want.  We apply minimalist and essentialist principles while creating utilitarian pieces with clean, chic & contemporary design… keeping in mind less but better. Simplicity, versatility & quality are the foundation of our brand.We hold patents for some of our innovative pieces, and all our garments are constructed in New England of high quality, sustainable materials; we try to keep our production close to home whenever possible. 


We care about creating high quality products and empowering women to live to their full potential. We want women to achieve dreams, while balancing health and wellness, so we can be happier and maintain a more fulfilled life. We also donate a portion of profits to the non-profit Mina’s List, an organization empowering women to take political leadership roles globally. More women in government results in higher standards of living for all people.  Mina’s list takes a top down approach, where Paridaez takes a bottom up approach to empowering women.

Note from the Founder, Allison Daroie

Thank you for your interest in Paridaez! 

I really care about making chic and functional clothing that empowers women to take advantage of any opportunity that arises. As women, we already play many roles. It's about time our clothes do as well. 

I started Paridaez after trying to get ready one day and I couldn't figure out what to wear. I had a conservative meeting to attend, I wanted to catch a yoga class and planned to meet friends for drinks, but I didn't want to lug my whole wardrobe.  I realized the apparel market lacked versatile pieces that were fashionable and could actually function in the multiple environments a modern woman finds herself each day. I don't want to carry heavy bags or run home to change. I know other women feel the same, so I got to sketching and founded Paridaez. 
I have a background in urban styles of dance, writing fiction and owned my own one-of-a-kind jewelry line before attending law school. I finished my degree and passed the bar but knew my heart was in fashion. I worked at Karmaloop, an ecommerce streetwear company for years. My last role was Director of Corporate Partnerships. I've also been teaching yoga for many years.  
If you ever want to chat or have any issues please reach out: allison@paridaez.com. I really want to hear from you!
So much love,