5 Tips To Give Yourself or Your Partner Love This Valentine’s Day

For Singles and Couples Alike

Whether you’re alone or in great company, a sure way to make the most of Valentine’s Day is implementing moments of self-love and sending love to others. Sure, it’s the most staple Hallmark Holiday in the United States, but it’s also the perfect moment for us to remind those we love just how much we appreciate them. Below is a list of 5 self-love suggestions to make you feel relaxed and spoiled whether you’re spending the day solo or with a partner. 

1. Treat yourself to some fine cuisine, and set the mood, candle-lit and all

You deserve the best, so maybe you splurge on more gourmet ingredients for a multi-course meal. This might be a good time to whip up something you’ve been craving but haven’t felt like putting in the effort to cook more involved dishes. Another option, especially if you’re sick of cooking at home, is ordering delivery from your favorite restaurant. You can make the night even more special by setting the mood with place settings, candlelight, and taking out the fancy glasses for your favorite wine, cocktail, or mocktail.

2. Run a hot bath or steamy shower

One of the most classic relaxation techniques is to run a hot bath, add your bubble bath of choice and soak all the worries of the world away. To add a little extra flair to your celebration, treat yourself or your partner to some aromatherapy candles, essential oils, and relaxing music. If you don’t have a bathtub, no problem -   sprinkle relaxing essential oils like lavender or rose on the shower floor, and let the hot water and steam transform your bathroom into a spa-like setting. Top it off by grabbing your favorite moisturizer or body oil to show your body (or your partner) some well-deserved love.

3. Treat yourself to a mini spa facial 

This is a great time to try a new hydrating face mask, on your own or with your partner. Post bath or shower, wearing a robe or towel, lay down in a warm, comfortable spot and place the mask on. To spoil yourself even more, add finely-sliced cucumber over the eyes. 

4. Try some light meditation 

Whether you meditate frequently or you’re new to the practice, take some time to clear the mind and focus on your breath. This is also a good time to practice self-love and gratitude for your body, your abilities and all the amazing people in your life. 

5. Try some dark chocolate along with a glass of wine or herbal tea 

Dark chocolate is healthy and contains antioxidants, plus it’s delicious and a pretty sexy treat. ;)

Lastly, give yourself or your partner a big hug, because you’re amazing and uniquely you… there’s no one quite like you or the person who might be sitting next to you… and that should be celebrated daily.  

Lots of Love,

Team Paridaez


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