The Beautycounter products changing our skincare routine

A Beautycounter+ Spa Set Review by a co-founder of

By Jess Lambi

When it comes to skincare, there’s a serious satisfaction that comes with using natural skincare products that have real results. The Beautycounter+ Spa Sets include a medley of products that work together to give your skin a specific boost, whether it’s brightening, plumping, or balancing. Get the low-down on each below and see which one you need in your life!

#1 - The Brightening and Vitamin C Set has a fresh clementine scent that is so refreshing. Skin brightness is improved after just one use of the mask, which makes it perfect for a quick complexion pick-me-up. Not to mention the mist and oil, which give your skin an instant brightening boost! 

#2  - The Plumping Collection products give your skin a noticeable smoothness and plump finish. This set was my favorite because my complexion was the most noticeably different after one use of the products! Who knew ten minutes would make my skin look so much healthier. This set smells like garden flowers, which is perfect for the matching freshness that it gives your skin.

#3 - The Clearing Collection is #chargoals for dirty skin that needs a balancing, deep clean. Charcoal refreshes clogged pores and evens out a dull complexion. For sensitive skin, use once a week to keep your skin clean and refined.

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