Jeannie Vincent

Interviewed by Allison Daroie 
Jeannie is Boston's go-to beauty babe!  Just this year she won the Improper's "Best of Boston" title.  She makes anyone who sits in her chair feel and look gorgeous.  Her positive attitude, slight sass and magical demeanor make you fall in love instantly.  I absolutely love this sweetheart and so does Henry (dog in charge).  

AD: Please explain who you are and what you do.
JV: My name is Jeannie, I am a makeup artist and Boston-based beauty whiz.

AD: Where are you from originally? 
JV: Originally from Southwest Florida, I have called Boston my home for over twelve years.

AD: Where did your motivation to pursue your passion originate? What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are today?
JV: Since I was a kid I devoured magazines and always knew that I needed to be a part of "that world" in some way.  The glossy, beautiful world of models, actors, and the like.  I was a little too shy myself to pursue a career in front of the camera, so I found my home behind the camera helping to perfect the already beautiful.  The biggest obstacle I faced to get where I am now is letting go of the fear of failure and knowing that I won't always be everyone's favorite.  In the end, worrying less about other's opinions and instead making myself happy has helped my career to soar.

AD: What is a typical day like for you? 
JV: A typical day for me includes checking email, hopefully thoughtfully responding to all of them, either a photoshoot of some sort or a wedding, or checking on one of my many retail friends.  In free time I like to practice yoga (with you and Henry!), cut and arrange flowers, hang out with my cat, see a movie with my boyfriend, and spend as much time as possible on Pinterest.

AD: What was your largest life lesson?
JV: My largest life lesson has been that everything in life is right out there for the taking.  Right time and right place, sure.  But if you are afraid to try something, you'll never get anywhere.  Dream big and surprise yourself.  Truly anything is possible, even things you've never conceived.

AD: What’s your typical fitness routine?
JV: Typical lately for me has been embarrassingly lazy.  When I am on my A-game, I enjoy a good barre class and yoga session.  At the very least I do some stretching at home and a push up here and there.

AD: What are your daily beauty rituals?
JV: My beauty routine can be exhaustive, but lately I've been focused on natural and organic treatments for my hair.  Currently loving the Yarok line (available at Follain) to feed my ends and curls.  Believe it or not I keep my makeup pretty simple -- a little base and concealer (I have a wayyyy lot of sun damage), blush, mascara, and a tinted lip balm.  On true days off I don't even bother with makeup.  My skin is always, always hydrated though.  It's the key!

AD: What's a go to place in your area? 
JV: My favorite place for coffee in my neighborhood is Render--amazingly strong cold-brew iced coffee and dangerously delicious breakfast sandwiches.  I love Coppa for a decadent dinner, My Diner in southie for unreasonably good breakfast, K.O. Pies in that same neighborhood for salad and potato wedges...I guess I have a lot of favorites.  :)

AD: What’s the top song on your playlist right now?
JV: I love music of all sorts -- the only non-negotiabe is that I have to be listening to *something* at all times.  Lately I have been super into Abra, Purity Ring, Drake, and any Hip-Hop/R&B Top 40 (sorry, yeah) and this week I have been replaying Kanye West's Graduation (arguably his best!).

AD: Who inspires you more than anyone else in this world? 
JV: Two people inspire me an insane amount on a daily basis, the first is my mother and the second is my guy.  My mom is one of the strongest people I know, kicks ass and takes names, and maintains an incredible sense of humor all while facing all kinds of situations throughout her work and personal life.  She has been my biggest support my entire life.  My boyfriend is an astoundingly hard worker and equally and if not more humble.  His hard work and dedication inspire me on a daily basis.  

AD: How do versatile pieces make your life easier? 
JV: Versatile pieces make all of our lives easier because they eliminate the need to think.  Having to think about what I'm going to wear is one stress I really don't care to deal with, so if I am covered with a piece that takes me from one time or location to another, I am happy.  Easy is key in this busy life of ours; convenience is everything.

AD: Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to leave with us? 
JV: Wash your face before bed!  Always moisturize.  Laugh as hard and as often as possible.  Always say yes to more coconut cake.  Meet new people and experiences with a warm and open heart.  Be silly.  Do your best.  And always, always moisturize.