Meredith Goldstein

Meet Meredith Goldstein, the relationship guru behind The Boston Globe’s Love Letters column and author of romance novels like The Singles, Can’t Help Myself: Lessons and Confessions from a Modern Advice Columnist, and Chemistry Lessons. Fascinated with how people’s relationships can produce happiness, she answers dating conundrums and guides lovelorn readers on her column. Whether it’s chivalry’s evolution from door opening to post-date Uber calling, or the value of Tinder dating, she navigates today’s changing dating sphere with each bit of wisdom she imparts. Even so, she still has a soft spot for old-fashioned romance and wants to bring back the traditions of setting people up and expanding networks in this disconnected world.


(Meredith shown wearing the Ibis Long top in cream and Mocking J Joggers in black & Allison shown wearing the Ibis top in taupe and Mocking J Joggers in black. Video credit Lindsay Daly.)