Why get dressed while working from home?

By Charlie Ough

If you look good, you feel good. 

It might sound a little cliché, but there is some weight to this saying. Improving your appearance doesn’t have to be superficial; it can be morale-boosting. After all, it is for so many women in both prisons and hospitals. Many female inmates create hair and makeup products to regain their confidence and sense of agency. The age-old saying has even led to the creation of a program designed to help cancer patients repair their self-esteem through beauty consultations. For these women, looking good can empower their spirit and push them to keep moving forward.

The idea goes even beyond mending a broken spirit. Donning the right attire and makeup can give even the ordinary working woman the boost of confidence she needs to perform the best. Makeup artist Scott Barnes believes that a woman applying makeup is like a man putting on armor to prepare himself for battle. “When you put your best face forward, it gives you the opportunity to really accelerate in life,” said Barnes. 

Maybe this is the advice we need as we all sit working from home. Crawling out of bed minutes before a meeting might seem tempting, but going into work with that groggy mindset might not be the answer. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but your pajamas won’t exactly give you that energy boost you’re looking for. 

So, what do we do? Dr. Russell G. Buhr of U.C.L.A. Health thinks getting dressed and maintaining your normal routine can be the solution. “Trying to preserve some sense of normalcy is really important for people’s well-being,” he said. “And good mental health promotes good physical health.”

In other words, ditching the pajamas and getting dressed up for your webcam conference might be the cure to your sudden lack of motivation. 

Paridaez Ibis and Mocking J Joggers shown above are comfy enough for the couch, but chic enough for anywhere else

But that doesn’t mean you have to force yourself back into your office uniform. As long as you’re getting dressed, you’ll start feeling better. This time may also be a great opportunity to experiment with your style. Wear that cute skirt you’re too shy to wear to work—nobody has to see it. Put on that new lipstick, or try out that new eyeliner technique you saw online. Maybe try a new skincare regimen and don’t stress if you break out. Working from home gives you the freedom to play with new looks, and doing so might give you a little extra enthusiasm to make it through the lonely and surprisingly arduous task of staying home all day.  

If you’re still feeling demotivated to get dressed, set up some fun virtual parties with your friends. Social distancing can still be social! Try out some fun looks and see what your friends think. It might give you that boost of energy you’ve been craving.